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We serve businesses of all types throughout the entire project lifecycle, from definition to deployment. Strategically position and adapt our teams to ensure optimal outcomes to meet the expectations of our clients and offers a range of project management frameworks and strategies, including agile, waterfall, and custom frameworks.


Our comprehensive delivery process ensures every aspect of the implementation is taken care of, including release management, post-implementation support, and comprehensive documentation. Count on our team to bring enterprise-grade quality and a sustainable approach to your startup or small business, enhancing ROI for the future. We also ensure the outcome meets the customer’s cost and delivery structure and aligns perfectly with the business’s needs.

Acquire and Elucidate

Our team of experts—both onsite and offshore—work in tandem with you to solidify the requirements. We collaboratively establish the milestone with your team, incorporating timelines, quality standards, and expectations for various stakeholders. To pinpoint dependencies and hazards promptly, the team begins with the ideal outcome and traces the steps. Collaboration between the delivery team and stakeholders is key to the success of any project. Once the project documentation is signed off, our account manager serves as a liaison between stakeholders and the delivery team to assure project progress is clearly articulated and understood by all parties involved.

Comprehend and Evaluate

We partner with the delivery team and project leads to communicate and define the deliverables. Facilitates requirement refinement sessions to confirm our onsite and offshore teams are aligned and have established communication protocols.

The project team is responsible for reviewing each build delivered. The purpose is to confirm the build meets the requirements and specifications outlined in the project plan and to pinpoint any issues or defects that need to be addressed before further progress.

Verify and Deploy

Our testing and deployment process is underpinned by a comprehensive framework that includes test cases, traceability matrices, code coverage, and a combination of manual and automation testing.
Quality assurance team proactively involved to ascertain the benchmarks are met. During deployment, we work collaboratively with the customer to minimize any potential disruptions to their operations while maintaining a high standard quality control.

We have extensive contingency plans that account for every scenario, including backup plans for rollbacks or corrective actions. In addition, we offer reliable post-deployment support, which has led our clients to use our services for ongoing maintenance.