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Technology Modernization for an HVAC Industry Leader

Client is a US based commercial refrigeration and HVAC service provider with operations spread across 50 states more 450+ customers (which includes retail chains, supermarkets and more). Thoughtline worked collaboratively with client’s existing IT team to design, and upgrade stand alone legacy systems to more integrated business systems.

The Challenge

Legacy Systems

The company was growing aggressively across the USA. Existing legacy system was a road block in their fast-growing business. The existing systems were incapable of handling this sudden growth and the 5-times increase in on-the-field personne

Islands of Information

Key operational areas were not communicating optimally with each other due to limitations in existing systems, resulting in a general lack of data transparency.

Tracking and Monitoring

Outdated approval management in the old system left a huge void in monitoring.

The Solution

Client switched to an efficient solution offered by Thoughtline, which connected Field Executives, Managers, Vendors.

  • Every credit purchase made by field executives while on job was tracked and sent for approval to the management, with ability to upload the receipts for each purchase.
  • Push notifications were sent to respective users if mismatch in data found and then approved by managers with validation.
  • Once the transaction was approved, payment initiated to the Vendor (Financial Institution).
  • Off-time approvals were automated with appropriate hierarchical structure.
  • Customized forms specific to each customer were built and were made available to field executives via mobile application to be used while servicing equipment at client’s place.

Business Benefits

  • Smoother approval processes.
  • Data transparency across the organization