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Enterprise Dealer Portal

Enhancing collaboration for one of the world’s leading automotive leasing and management companies


As part of business operations, our customer has to work collaboratively with various entities. The absence of a centralized application was adversely affecting the day-today operations of our client and their strategic partners who played an important role in the supply chain.


The absence of a common platform to collaborate meant that tracking and collecting payments had to depend on discrete information and manual processes. The manual processes also resulted in data disparity which adversely affected finances.

How We Solved It

Working closely with the customer, Thoughtline Technologies developed an enterprise web application built in OutSystems 11 traditional web technology. The application is a portal for Delivering Dealers to access vehicles that are slated for Courtesy Delivery. The Delivering Dealer can input Delivery Dates, Title and Registration, and turn in vehicle information. This also helped to completely eliminate this application eliminates the manual intervention in payment process.

  • A single repository of all associated partners was created
  • Processes were automated and thus erroneous manual data entry was removed
  • Dedicated access to track daily activities was provided
  • Real-time information on vehicle status was available
  • Eliminated discrepancy in Data
  • Transparency in communication
  • Faster payment receipts
  • Streamlined communications resulted in faster approvals

How The Customer Benefited

Streamlined communications and stronger collaboration resulted in faster and more transparent financial transactions (can we quantify it somehow and put in YoY savings/growth chart, for instance?)

  • Bidirectional communication between customer and auto dealer
  • Solution eliminated manual procedures, documentation
  • Information was made available at customers’ fingertips for better decision making and streamlining day to day operations
  • Solution ensured capturing of mandatory data and that the data was accurate

The Technology

The application was developed using the hybrid Agile methodology. The design is based on a 4-layer architecture and the end user module has 5 web screens and 5 web blocks. A common theme library is used for styling and UX. Consuming REST services in core service layers

Voice Of The Customer

Thoughtline team has helped us to reimagine our application platform in such a way it has made our day-to-day operations simpler, intuitive and definitely more effective. Thanks, team.