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Enterprise Resource Planning & Billing System for a Dutch Fleet Rental Company

The client is a leading fleet rental provider based in Netherlands, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, with a fleet of more than 800 vehicles

Traditional workflow

The client relied on a traditional method of data management, using a physical ledger to record and track their vehicles, orders, and billing processes. Orders were manually recorded and processed. Billing was also based on manual generation with complications involving rates, taxes, discounts, and penalties.

The Challenge

The current process was inefficient,time-consuming & error-prone, as it required manual searching and sorting of the forms. This held back the business from scaling up, resulting in lost business opportunities.

The solution

ThoughtLine provided a comprehensive solution for the client’s fleet management needs. Our solution covered the entire process of order placement, vehicle management, availability planning, invoice generation, and billing. Our solution enabled the client to:

  • Create an order that will automatically update the fleet availability accordingly.
  • Manage their vehicles efficiently through a cloud-based dashboard.
  • Plan the availability of the vehicle
  • Generate invoices automatically based on the rental rates, taxes, applicable to each order.
  • Bill their customers securely and conveniently through an automated mail system